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world's first vegan eggs

being vegan is not about health but moral principles

One of my connections reported the news a few days ago:
Andrea BorgiaAndrea Borgia wrote the following post Sat, 22 Dec 2018 10:38:21 +0300

The fact is that at the end of next year i planned to offer everyone the world's first vegan eggs, as well as the schemes and code of an open automatic system for installing a small personal vegan egg farm. In my opinion, commercial German "eggs without killing" are certainly not vegan, because there it is only supposed to determine the sex of the bird at the egg stage, in order to prevent extra cocks from hatching, which are not as profitable as hens (probably, it can be called eugenics in relation to birds). Therefore, i decided to publicly state that the first in the world vegan eggs go on sale in Bezhin Lug today.

If people suddenly stop exploiting another lifeforms, it will be fatal for many animal breeds. Since such species as chickens, cows, sheep, some breeds of dogs and cats - will be immediately eaten by predators if they do not die of starvation. Over hundreds of generations of domestication - these species have lost the skill of autonomous existence. It is highly unlikely that without a feeding trough and breadwinner, these species or their offspring will be able to survive. Therefore, if you do not want to exterminate domesticated animal species, then you should not try to immediately and completely stop their exploitation at the global level. This is a common part.

And now specifically about my roommate birds. Chickens will carry eggs even without a rooster if fed. But such eggs will not give offspring. But what kind of life is it without the ability to communicate with the opposite sex and without the possibility of creating offspring? I would not want to live like this. So i can’t deprive chicks of roosters, if i want to give up their exploitation, but at the same time i don’t want to give up the birds themselves.

It would be wrong to say that eggs are expropriate with this approach. If you do not pick up the eggs, they will accumulate, but nothing will hatch from it, any predators will try to reach it. Once a year, one or two hens (out of 20 birds) start an imprinted sitting hen program. She sits on the eggs and does not go away. If any hen decides to sit on her eggs, on the contrary, the eggs of other chickens are placed under her. There is no need for incubators, everything with this approach goes its a natural-cultural sequence.

When offspring hatches, the hen becomes for chickens more than an educator and nanny. The year before, 15 chicks hatched from my broody hens, of which only 3 survived. Most of them were eaten by owls and falcons, some were drowned at a watering place (little chickens are stupid, the self-preservation instinct works poorly for them), and at night rats from near granary dragged some of them. This year, a special house for little chickens was built and a special territory with a grid on top was set aside: more than half survived. If i were a domesticated bird, then i would not want to be set free or kept on a commercial chicken farm, but i would prefer to live just in such or similar conditions.

A couple of years ago friends presented a duck, she climbed into a bowl of water, trying to swim. Then i had to dig her personal swimming pool:
Also, to ensure that the eggs will be really vegan, i arranged with my relatives not to kill the old birds, but to let them die their own death. I plan to bury the dead birds according to the Orthodox Christian rite, as is customary here among humans in this area: digging the body into the ground and setting a gravestone.

Now about the technical part: i did not have time this year to organize the automatic flow of warm water into the hen coop, so i had to move this plans to the next year (i’d have to dig a lot to build communication under the ground so that the water would not freeze). So far, my personal vegan egg farm is not yet fully automated, as i would like. I also plan to install video cameras and a video registrator with open access so that a potential vegan customer can personally verify that no violence against the birds has been carried out. So that you would not just take my word for it, but make sure of it yourself.

Of course, if there will be some vegan customer already willing to try such fertilized vegan eggs, i am ready to accept the order, but i am not ready to arrange delivery. In this case, you will have to go to me for the vegan eggs in Bezhin Lug on your own (it is non-commercial project, there is no excess of eggs and it is not planned, orders are negotiated in advance, especially in winter). So far everything works on the microcontroller, the connection schemes and code are published (it's all raw, published for myself and friends, did not plan to draw attention to it), but i'm already thinking about transferring the whole system to one microcomputer.

If someone wants to simply support such an undertaking financially, in order to faster publishing of instructions for fully automating vegan egg farm (you will only have to manually load feed into a common container, once a year to move hen and eggs to a separate aviary and, of course, to collect eggs from the egg tank), in this case i will not give up support and will accept donations. Just as donations are usually accepted when developing open source software and hardware.

Well, a few photos of birds that i made today specifically for this occasion:
None of them will die a violent death (before the installation of the automatic door in the hen house - two birds were hard killed and eaten by wild foxes).

If i am mistaken somewhere and something is not clear, do not hesitate to clarify. English is not my native language.

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