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If the client part is open and the server part is closed, it is obvious that the software itself is not open.

Telegram is open source and has a 100% open API, so you can build your own fork of Telegram with your UI

In 2005, Pavel completed his training at the Faculty of Military Studies of St. Petersburg State University with a specialization in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare. While training with the Faculty of Military Studies, he served as Platoon Commander of the Philology Department. Upon completion, he was awarded the title of Lieutenant of the Reserve Force. Immediately after graduating in 2006, Pavel created the social network

The visit of the heads of the Russian special services to Washington that violates the sanctions adopted by the United States.

Shortly after this visit, the war of the Russian government with the messenger Telegram began. This war brought immense popularity to the messenger with an open client and a closed server.

#conspiracy #hoax #telegram #usa #russia #nsa #fsb #cia #programming #metaprogramming #software #war  #property
Tags: #cia, #conspiracy, #fsb, #hoax, #metaprogramming, #nsa, #programming, #property, #russia, #software, #telegram, #usa, #war

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