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If the client part is open and the server part is closed, it is obvious that the software itself is not open. But for some reason, the advertising campaign of the messenger Telegram states that this software is 100% open.
A well-known Leningrad analyst writes:
After losing the first year of cyber war with a small multinational corporation Telegram, it (the government of the Russian Federation) decided to raise interest rates for the campaign in 2019 and allocated 20,000,000,000 rubles for development

At the moment, i support two thematic transports between the centralized Telegram and the decentralized instant messaging networks. In the western thematic Telegram chats, the number of participants is on average 5 times more than in irc (just non IT thematic). I communicated with US-Americans and Brazilians (Telegram in Brazil are particularly popular, as i understood) - the overwhelming majority chose to entrust their personal data and correspondence to Telegram precisely because of this war unleashed by the Russian government.
So, if we take into account that: in 2005, Pavel completed his training at the Faculty of Military Studies of St. Petersburg State University with a specialization in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare. While training with the Faculty of Military Studies, he served as Platoon Commander of the Philology Department. Upon completion, he was awarded the title of Lieutenant of the Reserve Force. Immediately after graduating in 2006, Pavel created the social network - then we can say that Pavel coped with the task very well and most likely increased his military rank.
With those who publicly and sincerely go against the current government of the Russian Federation, we know what happens: Politkovskaya, Litvinenko. Even the British patronage did not save Alexander Litvinenko.
If the fellow-townsman of almost the entire "Ozero" cooperative, Pavel Durov, had sincerely fought with the Russian government, he would most likely have had a similar fate. Or does Pavel just work out his profession? Judging by the number of users of his proprietary messenger (around which the illusion of openness is created) - it works very successfully.
If you use Telegram to hide some data from the American special services, most likely this is a useless undertaking. After all, the advertising operation to block the messenger began shortly after the visit of the heads of the Russian special services to Washington (even though some of them were on the sanction lists, in fact, violating US law). Most likely, access to the user's personal data is consistent.
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