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UNIX on GO: #^
nearly 28 thousand lines of Go, 1546 lines of assembler, and no C
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Юникс на языке Go
#^Юникс на языке Go

Новости в мире операционных систем: один крутой чувак из MIT сваял Юникс на языке Go.

"Biscuit runs significant existing applications such as NGINX and Redis without source modification by exposing a POSIX-subset system call interface. Supported features include multi-core, kernel-supported user threads, futexes, IPC, mmap, copy-on-write fork, vnode and name caches, a logging file system, and TCP/IP sockets. Biscuit implements two significant device drivers in Go: one for AHCI SATA disk controllers and one for Intel 82599-based Ethernet controllers. Biscuit has nearly 28 thousand lines of Go, 1546 lines of assembler, and no C."

Статья: "The benefits and costs of writing a POSIX kernel in a high-level language"

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