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Soviet documentary "I and Others" was shot in Kiev 50 years ago by Felix Sobolew. The movie show some socio-psychological experiments. The experiment on suggestibility or conformity with preschool children was the most famous, please look it with subtitles:

fragment with kids from "me and others" (1971) movie
by translator64 on YouTube

Surprisingly, almost nothing is known about this documentary in the West. I suggest to get acquainted with the full version of the film, without a voice translation, but with fine English subtitles:

Me and Others 1971 USSR documentary (eng subs). Я и другие.
by Дмитрий Пассажиров on YouTube

#video #ussr #infosec #nature #bioware #suggestibility #socialcontrol
Tags: #bioware, #infosec, #nature, #socialcontrol, #suggestibility, #ussr, #video

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