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The Sons of Torum (Toorumin pojat) - English version
Directed by Lennart Meri

The Sons of Torum (Toorumin pojat) - English version
by zlaxyi on YouTube

His most famous film has been shot in a village of the taiga, where local people, after long years, performed one of their most peculiar rites, the bear’s feast, commemorating the killing of a bear. This ethnographic approach hided a deeper political message, which was at that time mostly Estonian-oriented: the stress on traditional worldview, on language kinship and on kinship tout court, were ideas able to arouse in Estonians consciousness of their roots and to strengthen their national awareness, while they lived under Soviet rule, which intended to merge all the people’s and the individuals into one single, Soviet culture. The fourth documentary in the "Encycolopaedia Cinematographica Gentium Fenno - Ugricarum" series.

The Sons of Toorum - 🔗

Toorumi pojad, Eestikeelne versioon: 🔗
Сыновья Тоорума, русская версия: 🔗

The Waterfowl People (Veelinnurahvas), English version: 🔗
Winds of the Milky Way (Linnutee tuuled), English version: 🔗

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