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Not long ago i registered on a forum where my publications and translations in the field of historical revisionism were met with great interest: This was the first community where the material i published attracted clear interest. But as soon as i brought up a topic touching on the falsification of history, through the efforts of the German aristocracy, the very next day, there introduced a pre-moderation of postings on the forum.
I wrote in support of the forum, the administrator from Germany said that these were just my projections: the connection of the topic i raised with the introduction of pre-moderation of publications on this forum. Later, i made a publication referring to a censored academic book called "Forgery, Replica, Fiction: Temporalities of German Renaissance Art". That post didn't go through pre-moderation for over 5 hours, i made a support request again - to which the US moderator replied "I look forward to your future posts - I hope you decide to stick around and post them here!" - which inspired me to keep posting and gradually tackle more and more uncomfortable topics.
But all that changed a couple of days ago, in a user's post about an attempted of historical reconstruction and the transfer of the events of Ulysses to the Baltic Sea, i added comments with information about the supposed author of Ulysses - Italian humanist Angelus Politianus. To which the author of the publication reacted rather painfully and gradually started complaining to the administration about my revisionist additions on the subject of fabrication of the Odyssey at a much later period than it is stated. The German administrator ( responded rather quickly and moved my comments related to the authorship of the topic raised to a separate thread. I again wrote a comment asking not to move my comment to another thread, with asking to clarify the sources referred by the author of the historical reconstruction that takes Ulysses to the Baltic. After that this comment was removed and i was quickly banned on this forum.
I assume that the reason of cenosrship for my comment asking clarify the sources related to the Ulysses was a mere formality, and the real reason was in my other comments related to the theme of German historical falsifications, and possibly Nazi/Buddhist connections.
It's quite remarkable, but a few hours after the German administrator blocked my account on the site dedicated to the stolen story (because of my question to clarify the source), he made his rare post, "UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact (documentary)". Questions related to the authorship of historical reconstructions promoted on the forum are censored by those who promote the topic of UFOs and aliens. This is quite remarkable.
Next, i quote Jef Demolder:
On August 21th, has been archived to the Wayback Machine. Instragram and Twitter accounts were also wiped. This happened all of a sudden, without any communication by the administrator "Korben Dallas" before or after the event. was the best and most active English-speaking platform for history criticism. Many were very disappointed. The event was discussed on different fora. Until now, nobody has first hand information on what happened. "Dreamtime" and some other regular contributors to have started a new forum,, on which half of the ancient site has been saved, and on which new threads are being opened.
Many published their articles on The site had about 100.000 monthly pageviews. But nobody knew the real person behind "Korben Dallas", who named himself after a role in the the picture "The fifth element".

My attention was drawn to this popular forum after this incident and i registered on the new forum But not so long ago, was re-launched where the previous author of the site, KorbenDallas, started posting again. After the censorship incident described on, i registered on, chose an appropriate topic (dedicated to the transportation and demolishing old-style buildings in the USA), and left a comment supplementing the information reported by KorbenDallas.
I was surprised here that the comment was not made available publicly and its status changed to "pending approval", meaning there is pre-moderation even on this site for comments. A couple of hours later, i discovered that my comment, which contained little more detail on the subject than KorbenDallas' original post, had not been approved and had been deleted. I had various suspicions about this incident, but i conceded that it might have been a simple mistake. I re-read the rules of more carefully, and made the same comment again, respecting the forum rules as much as possible:
It turns out that my account is now disabled from posting comments here. I thought it was just about this thread, perhaps KorbenDallas didn't like my detailed comment with a translation and a link to a Russian revisionist who revealed this topic in much more detail. So i tried to post a comment in another thread, dedicated to the abundance of rivers and cities on the site of the modern desert in Africa, supplementing it with information about Barbaria:
And again, exactly the same result. I suspected that the new KorbenDallas is no longer the same KorbenDallas as before the forum incident last year. Perhaps someone is using the virtual image of the old KorbenDallas for their new purposes, because now on users cannot make their own publications, but can only comment on KorbenDallas. It has gone from a forum to a personal blog. Well the pre-moderation and blocking of my ability to comment, hinted that this someone was directly connected to I checked with an old forum user and he said there used to be no pre-moderation of comments and all users could make new threads. The new style of premoderation on has confirmed my suspicions of a connection with style.
I decided to check my suspicions that the old KorbenDallas and the new KorbenDallas are run by different people. Here is what the new KorbenDallas claims to be:
That is, he claims to be the same old KorbenDallas, but directs you to the new forum, run by a German administrator But for some unknown reason this new KorbenDallas restricts access to the old forum archive to 50 days. I decided to check his statement, and tried to find the earliest publications on the forum:
The fifth post of the old forum is available in the webarchive, and is also available in the new forum. But the ninth post is not available in the web archive, nor is it available in the new forum:
In my opinion, this clearly indicates that the archive of the new forum has been restored from the web archive, identical to the one available to In my opinion, this suggests that the new KorbenDallas is not who he claims to be and confirms my suspicions about the new KorbenDallas' connection to Now i decided to check the domain records of, they turned out to be even more suspicious. These are records related to the old KorbenDallas:
"createdDateISO8601": "2018-03-18T05:07:55+00:00",
"updatedDateISO8601": "2020-03-04T13:34:42+00:00",
"expiresDateISO8601": "2021-03-18T05:07:55+00:00",
Then some strange change happens:
"createdDateISO8601": "2018-03-18T05:07:55+00:00",
"updatedDateISO8601": "2020-09-20T08:04:07+00:00",
"expiresDateISO8601": "2022-03-18T05:07:55+00:00",
At the same time, i decided to check the records of
"createdDateISO8601": "2020-08-24T02:45:29+00:00",
"updatedDateISO8601": "2020-08-24T02:45:29+00:00",
"expiresDateISO8601": "2021-08-24T02:45:29+00:00",
That is, this domain was owned three days later after the down of, apparently by himself, although the first snapshot of an empty forum does not appear until a few weeks later:
At this point i discovered that both of these domains had existed before. I checked the web archive, and was surprised to find that both these domains and (as well as, were previously managed by the same person:
They were all so named because of his book called Stolen History. I tried searching for information about this man and found a twitter account that ran out of tweets a week before the ceased to operate. It all looks very suspicious that i began to have sad thoughts about this man related to this story, so much so that it suggests that perhaps this was the old KorbenDallas.
But in researching the subject, i discovered that it turns out that old KorbenDallas used some Russian-language revisionist materials for his posts, without leaving any references to it:
Everything became even more unusual when i discovered this page on Facebook:
This dispelled my sad thoughts about Frantz's fate, but it turned my attention to his duty station. For 11 years he was a pilot at the Atsugi military base:
Atsugi's secret past also includes being a CIA U-2 Base which housed the U-2 flown by Gary Powers over Russia. At the same time assigned to the U-2 was a young Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald....

This base is known for Lee Harvey Oswald served here before his trip in USSR, and for CIA conducting their MKULTRA experiments. It turns out that this Democrat-turned-Republican and who wrote a book about the Stolen History may have been a CIA employee. And perhaps the subsequent forum is also associated with the CIA, as an attempt to retranslate historical revisionist material from third world countries so that it is perceived in the "right" context in the West.
Is this all a psyop? But what does this interruption in the work of mean? Transfer of the project from under the control of the CIA to their higher Bavarian authorities? Why don't the new owners have access to the old site database? Did the patriotic CIA officer of African descent not want to obey the White Saxon Protestants, and managed to destroy the forum database when he was ordered to transfer powers?
So many questions and so few answers...
ODD# V(a)/1,iii;37Chs3187
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