December 6th, 2020


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A mysterious monolith was found in Konduki, Tula region, Russian Federation. As in the USA and Romania before.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta later reported:
On Friday, the Tulatech Centre posted a video on YouTube saying that on 3 December a mysterious object that had previously appeared in the desert of Utah appeared in the Konduki Nature Reserve in the Tula Region. The place is called the "Romantsevskiye Mountains", and on one of them there is a steel trihedral column engraved on the top of which is the "Tulatech Centre". The authors of the video explains that the monolith "is not the message of an alien mind, as many foreign media have suggested," this steel prism is an invention of Tulatech, intended solely for research in the country.

"Experiments with quantum leaps are unpredictable, and due to a laboratory error the object was incorrectly sent first to the USA and then to Romania. Yesterday the object, which scientists called "Object-542" among themselves, was returned to the Tulatech experimental site in Konduki. The work on quantum leaps in the centre will continue," the video says.


Таинственный монолит из штата Юта обнаружен в Кондуках, Тульская область
by НОЦ ТулаТЕХ on YouTube

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