September 26th, 2019


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Congratulations, today is holyday of the season of Bureaucracy, Bureflux. Celebrated on the 50th day of that season.
The peak of Bureaucracy's influence. This is the the greyest of the Whollydays, but it is bittersweet. True, bureaucracy is supreme on this day, but it is the last day that this is so, so celebrate the passing of Bureaucracy! Although it is true that bureaucracy passes due to the inescapable Law of Escalation, and the following season (The Aftermath) is a time of picking up the pieces, we are past the darkest time and proceed onward to the day when Joyous Chaos returns.
Coincides with Stanislav Petrov Day, when, in 1983, Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov declined to report what appeared to be a nuclear strike by the US, in clear defiance of orders, and saved an untold number of lives.

Поздравляю, сегодня праздник сезона Бюрократии, Бюротечь. Отмечается в 50-й день этого сезона.
Этот день - пик влияния Бюрократии. Это самый серый из всех дней, но он горько-радостный. Бюрократия в этот день является высшей властью, но это последний день, когда это так, так что празднуйте кончину Бюрократии! Хотя Бюрократия действительно проходит из-за неотвратимого закона эскалации, и следующий сезон (Последствия) - это будет время жатвы, ну а сегодня пройдено самое мрачное время года и время продолжает двигаться вперед до того дня, когда вернется Радостный Хаос.
Совпадает с Днем Станислава Петрова, когда в 1983 году советский офицер Станислав Петров отказался от сообщения о якобы нанесенном США ядерном ударе, явно попирая приказы, и спас неисчислимое количество жизней.

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Expect the Aftermath
#^Expect the Aftermath
The 50th Day of the Season of Bureaucracy. The Fluxday marking the approach of the Season of The Aftermath.
Aftermath (season)

This is a legal Discordian religious holiday, recognized by the US government, and Discordians are within their rights to demand the day off from work. This isn't recommended for Bureflux, however, as this particular holiday is best celebrated in places of extreme bureaucracy.
This is an excellent day to perform the Paper Clip Sacrifice at your workplace.
Have an accountant party. Invite every accountant you know to it, and make all nonaccountants dress like accountants and talk constantly using accountant-like nonsense. Instead of business cards, the fake accountants should hand out Pope cards when introducing themselves.
Imbibe large quantities of your preferred intoxicant.
Pie a politician.
Make a cake shaped like a politician's head (a phallus). Have sex with it or castrate it, as you prefer.

Это законный дискордианский религиозный праздник, признанный правительством США, и дискордианцы имеют право требовать выходной день. Однако это не рекомендуется в Бюротечь, так как именно этот праздник лучше всего отмечать в местах скопления бюрократии.
Это отличный день для принесения жертвы Скрепки для бумаги на рабочем месте.
Устройте бухгалтерскую вечеринку. Пригласите в этот день каждого бухгалтера, которого вы знаете, и заставьте всех небухгалтеров одеваться как бухгалтеррв и постоянно изъясняться, используя бухгалтерскую чепуху. Вместо визитных карточек, фальшивые бухгалтеры должны раздавать карточки Папы Римского при представлении себя.
Впитывайте большое количество вашего любимого интоксиканта.
Дайте взятку политику.
Сделайте торт в форме головы политика (фаллоса). Займись с ним любовью или кастрируйте, в зависимости от вашихъ предпочтений.

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I've decided to translate one comment (with little additions) for the holiday:
> It's not like that. This mythical "unconscious" of yours is the same biochemistry that has just not been sufficiently studied (yet).
By the way, i would like to focus on this a special attention. Well, i can say with certainty that this "for now" is an exceptional achievement of the key `social science`. 50 years ago humanity could have made a breakthrough in this direction. More precisely, it happened, but it was quickly suspended (for masses). All these social scientists only slow down the development of natural sciences and limit it in every possible way. Sometimes it seems that this is the only reason why they exist, in order to powder the brains of the inquisitive masses.
And now specifically: jurisprudence has imposed a ban on psychoactive substances, both legal and moral. At the same time, psychoactive substances are, in fact, the only reliable natural scientific method of external interaction with this `psyche`. And so called `psychopractices` (from mantras and tantras to NLP and cybernetic methods) - it is not necessary to explain to anybody here that all this is not absolutely from the sphere of cognition, but from the sphere of management.
Even more specifically, people have traditionally used opiates, begun to research them, and started to create new opiates that are not found in other organisms. And only then did they understand one side of their unconscious: the opioid system. Endorphin is literally internal morphine. Etymology clearly demonstrates this, but if someone does not believe in such a story, i recommend checking it out.
Further, with the strict prohibition of psychoactive substances, some particularly enterprising citizens of the world could afford to study the taboo substances. In 1964cc, Raphael Meshulam of Jerusalem University isolated an exogenous psychoactive substance from hashish and called it THC. In 1988cc, he made a hypothesis about the existence of special cannabinoid receptors in nerve cells, and in 1992cc, he also isolated the endogenous cannabinoid (from Latin - cannabis) and named it in the spirit of NewAge - Anandamide (at the moment several internal cannabinoids are known).
By the way, at that time, in the U.S. businesslike academic social scientists were earning money on a slightly different field of such research, they were proving the postulate of "the killing cannabis" (or something like that), they suffocated monkeys with a non-human amount of hemp smoke, for filling out research journals, so that any Darwinist would believe in this postulate looking on such records. This is, by the way, a brief excursion into the way science was being done outside the promised land at that time.
We can continue to talk about discoveries in the field of receptor systems of the unconscious in relation to psychoactive substances. Probably the most soul-delic system - serotonin, the most tabooed so far (although in Western Europe, they say, the situation has changed a lot in this particular direction over the past year), it is enough to mention only the fact of the discovery of the principle of double helix DNA without a modern microscope.
But i think that's enough. If someone points me to an error or misinformation in the information above, i would be extremely grateful.
And now i will return to the original thesis. About the fact that the social sciences slows down the development of natural science. Through the efforts of lawmakers, through the recommendations of the UN and other global organizations (created after the Second World War), the research potential of the psychoactive substances has been artificially limited around the world at the national level, with the exception of some privileged academies. I am not talking about independent researchers. In any country of the second and third (raw materials and workers' appendages of the West) world it is still strictly tabooed at the academic and law level.
Given some historical legal details (e.g., in West Germany in 1982cc, heroin was sold in pharmacies, or methamphetamine was using during WW2 in military purposes), the version of an accidental historical coincidence of this scientific academic misunderstanding seems unlikely to me personally. Although there is of course the possibility that there has never been socialscientists conspiracy in the field of psychoactive substances, and everything regarding it happened by chance.

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It was the initiation of Kyoto Protocol:

The best Speech - Severn Suzuki
by be2212 on YouTube

1992cc UN Earth Summit in Brazil

Today they need to prolongate it with proven and tested methods:
Kyoto Protocol extended to 2020 to fight climate change
Published: 12:00am, 9 Dec, 2012

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Мировые мошенники повторяются. О Грете Тунберг.
#^Мировые мошенники повторяются. О Грете Тунберг.

12-летняя Северн Сузуки на Конференции ООН, 1992 г.
"Прекратите разрушать озоновый слой"


16-летняя Грета Тунберг на саммите ООН, 2019 г.
"Прекратите увеличивать количество углекислого газа"

Совсем нет фантазии у мировых мошенников, действуют по шаблону.
В прошлый раз объявили что фреон портит озоновый слой, и кто-то заработал миллиарды
на замене всего фреон-содержащего оборудования. Теперь снова хотят ограбить мир.

Как и в прошлый раз, написали слезоточивый текст малолетней дуре.

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