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Exactly 11 years ago we released the EP of Uoki-Toki. Uoki-Toki is a chiptune-musician from Tolyatti. I met him at the speedcore openair, he played his music directly from the instruments on which he produced it - from gameboys:
I was impressed with it, and offered him to publish the release on our label. I suggest you listen to the 8-bit gameboy sound from this release:

Uoki-Toki - Legalize It (preview)

By this link you can download the full release in the one zip archive, mp3, 19mb

#mp3 #chiptune #gameboy #music #freedownload #sound #zlaxyirecords
Tags: #chiptune, #freedownload, #gameboy, #mp3, #music, #sound, #zlaxyirecords

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