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I want to introduce you with a Soviet Discordian Saint:
Kirill Ignatievich Shpak found water where nobody thought to find it, started a vegetable garden, people were growing vegetables here. He taught Chabans how to grow corn. He planted the garden. The Chabans rejoice: the water was next to them. Kirill said to the guys: "Let's put the tower over the well as a memento". To help the Chabans be more effective to look for water. So the tower appeared. Nearby we can see foundations - there were many buildings here...
They made a documentary about him called "Lord of the Flies".


Посреди степи. Башня Шпака. Область Мангистау ( The Shpak Tower. Mangystau Province )
by Vyatich100 on YouTube

Some of the people around him compare him to a brave little tailor, they joke on him about his unprecedented war with flies; others call him a garbage collector; some of them heard that he have breed a lot of rabbits and threaten to feed a whole city of Guriev with lot of rabbits and "throw hats"; some of them laugh too: he opened a zoo at home. And the others one has something spicy to add. It is known that the rumors of the earth are full... But few people will speak respectfully about the old "informal" man. Even the representative of the unforgivable profession - a dog hunter, who sometimes sells bodies of killed poor dogs to the old man, speaks about old man like an abnormal. The poacher, and he will condemn him - "defender of beasts".


Повелитель мух В. Тюлькин 1990
by Евгений Сулла on YouTube

(English subtitles are available)

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