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That's who supports and worships Greta:
Greta Thunberg is a prophet of our time

This words of Anna Ardin - Swedish girl who put Julian Assange in jail because of her denunciation.

That's who gave birth and brings up Greta:

Di Cupido impiego i vanni (Konstantin Wolff & Malena Ernman & Haendel)
by TheSpacegg on YouTube

Malena Ernman - Swedish girl who engaged in Greenpeace lobbyng.

Does that mean all the Swedish girls are willing to lie for money?

I think no:
Also worth mentioning is Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi, Greta's age-mate, who, like Grete, went out with a banner to the Swedish parliament to protest against globalism, LGBT propaganda and sexual perversion in Swedish schools, and to advocate for the protection of traditional family values and the fight against illegal immigration. Both girls are Swedish, both very young, and both have tough demands. But for some reason, one girl is internationally known and promoted by the media, social networks and appears on political stages. And the other one does not. And the answer is one: Greta is a propaganda tool, and Isabella is an obstacle to this propaganda, so one is applauded and the other is ignored. Greta is politically correct, Isabella is wrong. Greta will be promote with all her might, and Isabella will be ignored with all her might.

Izabella N Jarvandi - Stoppa Globalismen #Helsingborg
by Skogssjön on YouTube


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