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Young creative children of the West performing another show by 2020. Young creative kids from actor dynasties like Greta Tunberg. Well, the young people from social networks play along with them, for promotion the colonial Climate Change dues:
Estella Renee is looking for a career in modelling and acting. She's very creative and can easily change from a fun scene to a dramatic scene. She played Goldilocks in the big bad book and her agent is MUNCHKINS. She is twelve years old and live in Sydney, Australia and plays the trumpet and piano and go to acting and singing classes.
Being in front of the Camera is where she belong like crying when being asked loaded questions about Climate Change in support of a staged GetUp!

Ulf Ayirtahsk BergUlf Ayirtahsk Berg wrote the following post Tue, 24 Sep 2019 05:43:04 +0300


#actorstudio #neocolonialism #hoax #infosec #metaprogramming #revision #2020cc
Tags: #2020cc, #actorstudio, #hoax, #infosec, #metaprogramming, #neocolonialism, #revision

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