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15. The Rus live in an island in the sea, its extent being a distance of three days in either direction. It has woods and forests, and is surrounded by a lake.^ They are very numerous, and look to the sword to provide them with a livelihood and profession {aUma‘d$h wal-kasb). When one of their menfolk dies, leaving daughters and sons, they hand his property over to the daughters, giving the sons only a sword, for they say, ‘'Your father won his property by the sword; do you imitate him and follow him in this.’'
And in this way their education (nushu) was effected, until they became Christians, during the year 300. When they entered [the fold of] Christianity, the faith blunted their swords, the door of their livelihood was closed to them, they returned to hardship and poverty, and their livelihood shrank. Then they desired to become Muslims, that it might be lawful for them to make raids and holy war, and so make a living by returning to some of their former practices. They therefore sent messengers to the ruler of Khwarazm, four kinsmen of their king; for they had an independent king called Vladimir (V.lddmtr), just as the king of the Turks is called khdqdn and the king of the Bulghars b.tMu. Their messengers came to Khwarazm and delivered their message. The Khwarazm-shah was delighted at their eagerness to become Muslims, and sent someone to them to teach them the religious laws of Islam. So  they were converted.
They are strong and powerful men, and go on foot into far regions in order to raid; they also sail in boats {ft sufun) on the Khazar sea, seizing ships and plundering goods. They sail to Constantinople in the sea of Pontus, in spite of the chains in the gulf.^ Once they sailed into the sea of Khazar and became masters of Barda'a for a time. Their valour and courage are well known, so that any one of them is equal to a number of any other nation. If they had horses and were riders, they would be a great scourge to mankind.


Omofor (from greek - shoulder pad) - a wide ribbon with the image of a cross, which is put on the shoulders of the bishop on top of other robes. One end of the omophorion falls from the front and the other from behind.

Омофор (от греч. - наплечник) – широкая лента с изображением креста, которую надевает на плечи епископ поверх других одеяний. Один конец омофора ниспадает спереди, а второй сзади.

Why is Ivan the Terrible's helmet kept in Sweden?

Iran's Consul General Seyed Gholamrez Maiguni deciphered the Arabic inscription on Ivan the Terrible's helmet on display at the Astrakhan Museum of Military Glory. The diplomat claims that the inscription on the upper horizontal belt of the royal helmet is translated from one rare Arabic dialect as "Allah Muhammad". These words may be an abbreviated version of the famous expression "Allah the Great, and Mohammed the Prophet of Him".
The world-class Reliqué was brought to Russia from the Royal Armory of Stockholm specially for the 450th anniversary of the inclusion of Astrakhan in the Russian state by the strong hand of Ivan IV.

Почему шлем Ивана Грозного хранится в Швеции?

Генеральный консул Ирана Сейед Голамрез Мейгуни расшифровал арабскую надпись на шлеме Ивана Грозного, выставленного в астраханском Музее боевой славы. Дипломат утверждает, что выполненная на верхнем горизонтальном поясе царского шлема надпись переводится с одного редкого арабского диалекта как "Аллах Мухаммед". Эти слова могут быть сокращенной версией известного выражения "Велик Аллах, и Мухаммед пророк его".
Реликвия мирового уровня была привезена в Россию из Королевской Оружейной палаты Стокгольма специально к 450-летию включения Астрахани в состав государства Российского сильной рукой Ивана IV.

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