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In Mark Twain's "Yankees at King Arthur's court" the American, having got into the past, for the first time introduces to Englishmen monetary system (the author does not suspect about an ancient history of England with the ancient Roman coins etc.). There the author points out that in the 18th century the highest light in its manner of profanity surpassed the rank-and-file military, and there was not the concept of "map for  navigation".
In short, it is beautifully described how to capture a foreign country with a lower level of technological development. The author lived in this tumultuous time of colonization of the Americas and simply translated his daily life into fantasy.
And in the middle of the 19th century appear:

The Literary Fund is a society founded in 1859 in St. Petersburg for the benefit of needy writers and scientists; by 1910 the number of members was equal to 400 people, and the total amount of capitals was 700 thousand rubles, and, besides, the real estate property for 150 thousand rubles and the property rights to the works of some authors. Along with the literary fund in 1859 by the highest command at the Academy of Sciences was established "Permanent Commission for the benefit of needy scientists, writers and publicists" with an annual budget of 50 thousand rubles from the state treasury.

And then wonder where the "golden age" of literature came from. Just like with M. Twain. Imagine that money for modern and % of the state budget that went only to pay for the authors of the "new reality".

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У Марка Твена в "Янки при дворе короля Артура" жмеринец впервые вводит англичанам МОНЕТАРНУЮ систему и автор не подозревает о "дгямучей" истерике Англии с "дгевне-" римскими монетами и т.д.. Там же автор указывает о том что еще в 18 веке высший свет своим быдлячим базаром превосходил старшину из стройбата, что понятия карта не было куда и зачем бродили не понятно.

Короче красиво описано как захватывать чужую страну. Автор жил в это бурное время колонизации Бантустанов и просто перекладывал свою действительность в фэнтези.

А в середине 19 века появляются :
Все как у М. Твена !!! Прикиньте те бабки на современные и % от госбюджета который шел только на оплату АВТОРОВ "новой реальности".

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