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Now channel owners can choose between dark/light and left-view/right-view interfaces on the With the Hubzilla, users can add not only interfaces, but also Channel sources in the same way. hq wrote the following post Fri, 30 Aug 2019 18:13:37 +0300
Our themes have been updated: #^
Fixed bugs found, added grey-green scheme.

ussrbasic - 3 column theme with Focus (light) and GreenGrey (dark) schemes

ussrbasicleft - 2 column, left navigation panel

ussrbasicright - 2 column, right navigation panel

ussrbasicpub - 2 column theme with public informative navbar (for hub related accounts)

"Nolikes" (hidden “Likes” feature, without visible karmadroch) and "Nominus" schemes (hidden “Minus” icon under one-side connections, profile looks better if you have a lot of rss subscriptions) persist.

#hubzilla #interface #left #right #software #themes #ussr #ussrwin
Tags: #hubzilla, #interface, #left, #right, #software, #themes, #ussr, #ussrwin

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