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История абортов

Немецкий ботаник-иллюстратор Мария Сибилла Мериан, которая в своей книге «Метаморфоза насекомых Суринама» 1705 года рассказывает:

Индейцы, c которыми голландские мастера плохо обращались, использовали семена [этого растения] для аборта своих детей, чтобы их дети не стали рабами, как они. Также чёрные рабы из Гвинеи и Анголы требовали, чтобы с ними обращались хорошо, угрожая отказаться от детей. Они сами сказали мне об этом». wrote the following post Fri, 17 May 2019 03:47:46 +0300
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The History of Abortifacients

"...German-born botanical illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian who, in her 1705 book Metamorphosis of the Insects of Surinam, recounts:

The Indians, who are not treated well by their Dutch masters, use the seeds [of this plant] to abort their children, so that their children will not become slaves like they are. The black slaves from Guinea and Angola have demanded to be well treated, threatening to refuse to have children. They told me this themselves."
"women want accessible abortions, laws are enacted to "protect" women, women risk their health to secure their freedom. In this cycle, women are framed as acting irrational by risking their lives; the law is always rational, it always prevails. The law is so rational that in 1993 when numerous Brazilian women were hospitalized for incomplete abortions after taking an ulcer drug, the law's response was to make it even harder for pregnant women to obtain any drug. The law was working to protect life. And indeed, the law is so rational that nations have quite literally mobilized warships to prevent abortifacients from entering the country."...

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Tags: #abortion, #africa, #america, #angola, #colonialism, #europe, #guinea, #history, #humanism, #midwives, #nature, #nurture, #past, #protection, #slavery, #witchtrials

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