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pálení čarodějnic: how to summon roses
Gumbytron, sistas and brotas, with the coming BAWL-tuh-nuh!

For summoning rose-pacificators:

Dakh Daughters "Rozy / Donbass" (live acoustic)
by MoustacheCinema on YouTube

produce sound using 12-tone harmonics and entreat in 5 dialects.

Диби-диби, диби-би,
Пішла баба по гриби,
А дід по опеньки
Гуляти раненько.

For A, C, D, G, H(×H1,H2), H1, H2, HV(×H,pre-V1,pre-V2,V), I, J1, J2, K, M10, N1b, N9a, (pre-HV)1, (pre-HV)2, pre-V1, pre-V2, R(×B,J,pre-HV,R9,T,U) T, U2e, U3, U4, U5a(×U5a1), U5a1(×U5a1a), U5a1a, U5b(×U5b1,U5b2), U5b1, U5b2, U8a, V, W and X2 to call R1a: babAs are not required to be conscious of their witchcraft, they only must fit of hysteria.

To summon a nyash-myash avatar of the Goddess:
use the Third Reich UFO and draw the Seal of Babalon on a jackrabbit's left buttock.

The technology will only take effect upon those who have sitten at the top of Arbor majalis (Троицкая берёза).

ODD# III(a)/3,v;47Dsc3180
#odd #ufo #ritual #sound #music #rose #donbass #rosicrucian #solarsatanism  #conspiracy  
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Tags: #conspiracy, #donbass, #music, #odd, #ritual, #rose, #rosicrucian, #solarsatanism, #sound, #ufo

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